Social Media Policy

The Faith Group (“the Group”) uses social media as part of its overall approach to communicating with customers through products, brands, services, and other activities.
This Social Media Policy (“this Policy”) sets forth the overall stance and standards of conduct that must be maintained in the course of the Group’s use of social media.


This Policy applies to all users of social media and services provided officially by the Group (“Users”).

Definition of social media

The Group defines social media as “media that accomplish communication while facilitating the sending and receiving of information by service users” as part of a service that utilizes technology on the Internet.

Awareness and responsibility in use of social media

・Faith Group officers, employees (including full-time, non-regular, contract, and part-time employees), advisors, temporary employees, and outside contractors (“Faith Group Agents”) must exhibit an awareness of the following facts in their use of social media: that social media can be accessed by the general public, including users from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances; that due to the characteristics of the Internet, it is not possible to delete information once it has been published online; and that content can be viewed by the general public.
・Faith Group Agents must be aware that the information they disseminate and the actions that they take on an individual level can have an impact in the world, however small, and they must exercise care so as not to invite misunderstanding on the part of Users.
・In disseminating information on social media, Faith Group Agents must work to comply with all applicable laws and to use social media in an appropriate manner based on the Group’s separate Social Media Usage Guidelines.


・Faith Group Agents must listen to information from Users in a spirit of sincerity. They must be aware that strengthening connections with Users through communication serves both to resolve Users’ issues and to increase the value and convenience of the Faith Group.
・Faith Group Agents must work to increase the value of the Faith Group in society and to improve its services by sharing what they learn from communicating with Users broadly both inside and outside the company.

Information and requests for Users

・Information posted by Faith Group Agents on social media does not necessarily reflect the official views of the Faith Group. Thank you for your understanding. For official information from the Faith Group, please see websites operated by the Group and press releases issued by the Group.
・Personal information is handled in accordance with the Group’s Privacy Policy.

・Please note that information posted on social media is current as of the time of its posting, and that it is subject to subsequent change.
・The method of communication varies with each type of social media account (including whether it is possible to reply, the methods for doing so, hours of operation, etc.). The Group has provided a set of communication rules in the basic information for each of its social media accounts. Please see the Faith Group’s official accounts for more information.

List of the Faith Group’s official accounts

The Faith Group manages the following official social media accounts:

【Faith Group】
【Faith Beauty】

Products for salons and cosmetic boutiques

Cosmetics for drugstores

Cosmetics exclusively for use by medical professionals

【The Faith】




Unless otherwise noted, inquiries concerning the Faith Group’s use of social media should be directed to the following department: