We deliver authentic products and services through our credo of “Be faithful” and the “Three facets of beauty”.

The Faith Group goes beyond the dimension of beautifying the skin simply by using cosmetics. We are promoting a philosophy characterized by “Three Facets of Beauty + Action” based on the idea that true beauty derives from a balance of health and beauty, and this approach forms the basis of all our businesses.
Going forward, we will continue to develop those businesses as a leader of the beauty industry by emphasizing sincerity at all times and in all circumstances.

Cosmetic Planning and Development

Information about our in-house development of cosmetics and private-label products

Cosmetic Sales

Information about our sales channels, including for salons, drugstores, and online/phone shoppers

Operation of, and Support for, Salons

Information about The Faith, a chain of Faith-operated esthetic salons, and about the kinds of support we offer client salons

Overseas Businesses

Information about our businesses overseas