Cosmetic Sales

We take pride in supplying safe, high-quality cosmetics made with the latest technologies to inspire peace of mind.

Over the 30 years since our founding, we’ve continually worked to produce cosmetics that make women truly beautiful with a stubborn commitment to skincare results.
We sell products through channels that we’ve developed in order to enable as many customers as possible to use the Faith Group’s cosmetics.

Products for salons and cosmetic boutiques

We sell exclusive lines of cosmetics for use by esthetic salons.
We also offer robust training and support for the salons that carry our products so that customers feel a sense of security and relief when using Faith Group cosmetics safely and with peace of mind. In addition to hosting various workshops, we provide other opportunities for learning fundamental knowledge about the skin, information about the Faith Group’s cosmetics, and methods for selling them to customers.
We offer support to help esthetic salons to develop a core of cosmetic customers and create lifelong customers. We also provide management expertise derived from the Faith Group’s operation of its own salons.

The Faith Members Club (FMC) sales system

After receiving counseling at an esthetic salon and registering with the club, members can place product orders from a computer or mobile phone using Faith’s website.
In this new channel, products are sent directly to customers from the Faith Group.
Customers can make purchases 24 hours a day no matter where they are, and salons do not need to take on inventory risk since products are shipped directly from the manufacturer.
Designed to help prevent the loss of business from customers who want to buy cosmetics but who do not have the time to go to a salon or who want to continue to buy cosmetics even though they no longer visit their salon regularly, the system is great for both salons and customers.

Cosmetics for drugstores

The Faith Group sells cosmetics at drugstores, too, so that customers who are unable to find time to get to a salon can easily try out cosmetics used at esthetic salons.
Although the brands we sell at drugstores differ from our exclusive salon products, they deliver the same level of quality that customers have come to expect from the Faith Group.
We assign beauty counselors to the stores that carry our products to recommend specific products to customers while offering them counseling. We also propose esthetic spaces where customers can experience the fun of skincare when they purchase products.
We offer comprehensive support to stores that carry our products, from sales strategies to the kind of education in skin physiology you would expect from a supplier of products used by esthetic salons.

Products available only online and by phone

We take pride in offering Celbest cosmetics that incorporate all the experience and expertise we have developed in the esthetic salon industry on television and through our online store.
Recognizing that there are many customers who want to use cosmetics that are good for their skin even though they do not have the time or money to visit an esthetic salon for treatments, we developed a channel that accepts orders online and by phone so that a broader group of customers could use Faith Group cosmetics.
Full-time counselors offer counseling by phone.