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“Faith Fresh Collagen” and “Faith Gelatin Collagen”

These original technologies from the Faith Group were granted process patents in 2015.

・These revolutionary technologies from the Faith Group, which are the first of their kind in the world (*1), allow collagen, which does not penetrate when simply applied to the skin, to penetrate into the stratum corneum by wrapping it around nano capsules.

・They were developed jointly with L.V.M.C. Inc. (*2) and comprise the heart of the Lamellar Beauty Method being promoted by the Faith Group.

“Faith Fresh Collagen”(*3)


Fresh collagen (*4) with a triple-helical structure is wrapped around nano capsules, and then the formulation is freeze-dried to maintain freshness. Dissolve the product in the included water before use. Fresh collagen with a triple-helical structure has about 600 times greater water retention capacity (*5) than hydrolyzed collagen.

“Faith Gelatin Collagen”(*6)


We focused on facilitating penetration into the skin by wrapping gelatin collagen (*6) around nano capsules and then encapsulating hydrolyzed collagen (*7) inside each capsule.

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  • *1 Using a new cosmetic base that is being used for the first time in the world (according to a November 2015 study by Benchmark Inc.’s Institute of Statistical)
  • *2 L.V.M.C., INC. is a company comprised of professors from the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) who have carried out vast amounts of research for major cosmetics companies, centered on Dr. Masahiko Abe of the TUS Research Institute for Science & Technology and Dr. Hideki Sakai of the TUS who generate excellent technological capabilities in the field of colloid interfacial chemistry. The company pursues research and development of state-of-the-art cosmetics based on the latest knowledge of skin mechanisms and colloid interfacial chemistry. (Source: Excerpt from the Yahoo! Shopping webpage about "L.V.M.C. INC. About L.V.M.C.")
  • *3 Moisturizing ingredients: natural phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin), fresh collagen (soluble collagen), phytosterols
  • *4 Moisturizing ingredients: fresh collagen (soluble collagen)
  • *5 Per molecule, compared to hydrolyzed collagen (according to research conducted by FAITH; fresh collagen has six times the water retention capacity of hydrolyzed collagen on a per-gram basis)
  • *6 Moisturizing ingredients: natural phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin), gelatin collagen (soluble collagen), hydrolyzed collagen, phytosterols, sodium beta-sitosteryl sulfate
  • *7 Moisturizing ingredients: gelatin collagen (soluble collagen)
  • *8 Moisturizing ingredient: hydrolyzed collagen