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Gel Cosmetics

Faith was among the first cosmetics companies to focus on gel formulations that don’t contain any synthetic surfactants (*1) or oils.

・Typical cosmetics contain oil to protect the surface of the skin, moisture to carry the active ingredients, and synthetic surfactants (emulsifiers) to mix the oil and moisture. Those are cosmetics with emulsified formulations.

Cosmetics with emulsified formulations


・Although emulsified formulations protect the surface of the skin with a coating of oil and thereby prevent moisture from the skin from evaporating, they are unable to repair the lamellar structure (*2) of the stratum corneum. Consequently, when the coating of oil deteriorates over time or is washed away, the product’s moisture-retaining and skin-protecting benefits are lost.

・Gel formulations offer excellent stability and safety as a base for cosmetics. In addition to the ability to carry large quantities of water-soluble active ingredients, they can transport a reasonable quantity of oil-soluble ingredients without the need to use synthetic surfactants.

Cosmetics with a gel formulation


・The Faith Group was one of the first cosmetics companies to take an interest in gel ingredients. The company earned a reputation as a pioneer of such cosmetics after launching BIOSOME, a gel cosmetic, in 1988.

・This gel-based, additive-free formulation marked the starting point for the subsequent evolution of the Faith Group’s cosmetics technologies.

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  • *1 Synthetic surfactants made from petroleum-derived compounds.
  • *2 The structure of the stratum corneum, which consists of moisture and lipids.