About the Faith Group

Group Companies and Organization

The Faith Group pursues health and beauty through a network of companies.

As society continues to diversify, people’s values are becoming more varied. Gender equality has come to be taken for granted as the values that inform lifestyles and esthetic awareness are refined, inspiring women to develop a stronger sense of self along with more pronounced and well-defined preferences.
The entire esthetic industry has been revitalized by these trends, and the Faith Group has achieved significant growth through the sale of products including not only cosmetics, but also body-shaping undergarments, health foods, and beauty appliances. In addition to sales of products and services, we’re focusing resources on human resources development.
We’ve also made a significant commitment to developing our businesses in China, where we’ve established Shanghai No-oxy Co., Ltd. Subsequently, we also established Faith Cosmetics America Inc.
In this way, Faith Group companies are leveraging their overall capabilities while strengthening operations in their respective fields of specialization so that the Group can meet social needs by proposing unique solutions.In addition, the Group’s companies enjoy substantial synergies in every aspect of their operations, including technology, expertise, and information-collecting capability.
We will steadily develop our businesses with an eye on the next generation and look forward to continuing to play a useful role for all stakeholders in the future.