About the Faith Group

Group Companies and Organization

This section of the website describes the Faith Group’s network of companies, which are dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and health.

As society becomes more diverse, so too do people’s values. It has become natural for women to pursue careers and participate more broadly in society, leading to greater prevalence of values related to lifestyles and beauty and prompting a tendency for women to care more about refining a look that suits them.
The entire esthetic industry has benefited from this trend, and the Faith Group has grown significantly through sales not only of cosmetics, but also of slimming lingerie, health foods, and beauty appliances. We’re working to market products while fostering the development of our workforce.
In addition, we’ve moved decisively to enter the Chinese market by establishing the subsidiary Shanghai No-oxy Co., Ltd., and the joint-stock company Shanghai Faith Cosmetic R&D Co., Ltd.
In this way, group companies take advantage of the Group’s overall capabilities to propose unique solutions to society’s needs while refining their own areas of specialization. They also collaborate closely in every area of operations, including technology, expertise, and information.
We will pursue our businesses as we look to the next generation with the goal of generating steady progress while striving to continue to play a useful role for all stakeholders.