About the Faith Group

To customers who purchase Faith products

There have been cases of customers receiving clearly outdated products, products without boxes, and in even more concerning cases, opened products when they purchase Faith products online from sources other than Faith, for example in Internet auctions or from online cosmetics stores.

When customers purchase Faith products via unofficial channels such as online auctions, we are unable to guarantee the quality of those products. Please purchase Faith products from authorized stores and other authorized channels as otherwise you may be unable to access after-sales service in order to return or replace products or request that product issues be investigated.

Please exercise particular caution with regard to the following products:

●Products without boxes
Almost all Faith foundation cosmetics products are sold in boxes (hair care products are sold in shrink-wrap film).
In addition, boxes bear legally required labeling with information such as serial numbers, ingredient lists, and precautionary information.
Boxes are necessary in order to protect products and provide required labeling. Please avoid purchasing products that are sold without boxes or shrink-wrap film.

●Professional use products
We supply professional use products to salons for use in skin care and esthetic procedures. Because salons use products for multiple customers every day, even large bottles are used frequently enough that product quality is not lost. However, individual customers using products to care for their skin at home don’t use them as frequently as salons, so product quality may deteriorate before the product can be used up. Please avoid purchasing professional use products as an individual consumer as we may be unable to provide advice in the event that you experience an issue with the product.