About the Faith Group



The Faith Group’s ongoing commitment to safe, additive-free cosmetics derives from a 1977 lawsuit involving cosmetics that turned customers’ skin black, despite the fact they intended to become more beautiful by using those products.
In order to develop cosmetics that not only are gentle on the skin, but also satisfy customers, we incorporate the latest technologies and ingredients while reflecting the trends of the times and customer needs.

Gel-based formulations

Faith cosmetics are based on a gel that is the same as substances such as hyaluronic acid, which nourishes the dermis.
Gel formulations offer excellent stability and safety as a base for cosmetics. In addition to the ability to carry large quantities of water-soluble active ingredients, they can transport a reasonable quantity of oil-soluble ingredients without the need to use synthetic surfactants (*1).

Commitment to deliver additive-free formulations

●Additive-free formulations
We avoid ingredients that could cause skin problems and instead value naturally derived ingredients.
●Ingredients we never use (with the exception of some makeup products)
Our products never contain synthetic surfactants, paraben, phenoxyethanol, ethanol (*2), mineral oil, pigments, or fragrances.

Ingredient labeling

All ingredients used in our cosmetics are listed on the product, for example on the side of the box or on the sample card.
This information can facilitate more precise judgments by physicians investigating which ingredients are to blame for allergic reactions. Patients can stop using products that they conclude may damage their skin, for example by causing an allergic reaction, based on information from physicians.

Commitment to use healthy ingredients

Reflecting our belief that formulating the cosmetics that come into direct contact with the skin using natural substances that have been a familiar ingredient since ancient times is the most comfortable for people as well as the gentlest on the skin, we are committed to using naturally derived ingredients in our products. Surfactants are an essential part of creating cosmetics, but synthetic surfactants have powerful effects and may cause issues such as skin irritation.

  • *1 Synthetic surfactants with hydrophilic and lipophilic groups that both consist of oil-derived compounds
  • *2 Except ethanol used to manufacture extracts.

Ingredients that have passed Kat Sod Assay Uses ingredients that do not generate active oxygen.

※A We test ingredients using the Kat Sod Assay , which was developed by Professor Hajime Nishioka (1934-2014), who served as a professor emeritus at Doshisha University, and for which Professor Tomohiro Matsumoto of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Biostudies Radiation Biology Center is now responsible.
This test method makes it possible to directly observe active oxygen generated by the test ingredients using genetically modified cells.
Faith products use only ingredients that are shown by this test method to not generate active oxygen.

Faith is grateful to Doshisha University professor emeritus Hajime Nishioka, who developed this method.

Lamellar Beauty Method for maintaining the stratum corneum

The skin’s stratum corneum consists of keratinocytes and lipids between keratinocytes, the latter of which includes substances such as ceramide, fatty acids, cholesterol, and phospholipids arranged in layers to form a lamellar structure (*3) that serves to maintain the skin’s barrier function by ensuring sufficient moisture and oils.

Healthy skin (*4)

Phospholipids consist of two parts, one of which is hydrophilic and one of which is lipophilic. When the inside of the stratum corneum is adequately supplied with phospholipids, the skin is characterized by the ability to retain moisture, good protective function, and a beautiful appearance.

Problematic skin and skin care until now

A damaged lamellar structure cannot retain moisture, causing the skin to become dry and develop problems.

《Skin care until now》
The surface of the stratum corneum is protected with an oil film.
(1) Moisture in the stratum corneum is kept from evaporating.
(2) The oil film protects the skin from external irritants.
(3) When this film is eliminated by washing the skin, the skin’s moisture can no longer be retained.

  • *3 Structure of the stratum corneum, which consist of water and lipids
  • *4 In this context, “skin” refers to the stratum corneum.

Achieve healthy skin
with Faith’s unique Lamellar Beauty Method.

“Faith Fresh Collagen” (*5) and “Faith Gelatin Collagen” (*6), which can deliver collagen that ordinarily cannot permeate the skin to the stratum corneum, moisturize and protect the skin by maintaining the stratum corneum. Together they make possible the Lamellar Beauty method, which beautifies the skin from the inside out.

From the outside
(1) Collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturize the outside (surface) of the skin.
From the inside
(2) Natural phospholipids maintain the stratum corneum (by moisturizing and protecting it).
(3) Collagen and elastin strengthen the ability of the skin (stratum corneum) to retain moisture, giving the skin elasticity.

“Faith Fresh Collagen” and “Faith Gelatin Collagen” maintain and moisturize the skin.
They also help maintain the skin’s barrier function.

  • *5 Moisturizing ingredients: Natural phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin), fresh collagen (soluble collagen), phytosterols
  • *6 Moisturizing ingredients: Natural phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin), gelatin collagen (soluble collagen), hydrolyzed collagen, phytosterols, sodium beta-sitosteryl sulfate