About the Faith Group

Message from the CEO

Safeguarding conviction and pursuing the happiness of all

CEO Shinichi Kojima

Having marked the 30th anniversary of our founding, we are proud to count ourselves among the older and more established members of the industry. Going forward, we remain committed to bringing happiness and smiling faces to customers by making healthy beauty possible through the Stratum Corneum Lamellar Beauty Method.

We’re particularly committed to focusing on building a base of lifelong customers, and we hope to help create lifelong beautiful skin for as many women as possible. To that end, we believe that it’s important for staff members to be able to propose products from the customer’s perspective. Increasing the trust with which staff members are viewed both brings customers joy and helps our company grow.
Going forward, we will continue to build relationships of trust so that we can bring happiness to all customers and all stakeholders by continuing to fulfill the feminine desire for beauty, which has guided our business since our founding, based on our motto of “changeless yet fluid” as we incorporate new changes without losing sight of our essential nature.

Shinichi Kojima
President, Faith Co., Ltd.
CEO, Faith Group