About the Faith Group


The Faith Group’s mission is that the feminine desire for beauty be fulfilled.

The Faith Group’s name expresses its philosophy of sincerity. The name incorporates the Group’s shared commitment to sparing no effort to take a sincere approach to customers, products, society, employees, the company, and oneself. We’re striving to realize true beauty based on our corporate slogan of “providing and guiding customers toward healthy beauty based on our philosophy of sincerity.” Through their respective initiatives, the companies of the Faith Group are striving to ascertain what today’s customers need by considering the ideal of healthy beauty from every angle . A spirit of sincerity infuses everything we do. We will continue to strive to lead the beauty industry by valuing this approach.

Corporate Philosophy


FAITH - Our name is our promise

Faithful support at all times

Faithful support at all times

Creed of Beauty

Three Facets of Beauty + Action

We advocate the Three Facets of Beauty—external, internal, and spiritual—and strive to build a company that continues to provide true healthy beauty to let you live a healthy and beautiful life.

Achieve balanced healthy beauty through practice of the Three Facets of Beauty + Action.

Three Facets of Beauty + Action
External Beauty

External beauty involves the development of cosmetics that serve to build healthy skin while enhancing the skin’s own natural healing abilities. Working with extremely high standards regarding its products’ raw ingredients and the way in which they are used, Faith has developed a line of cosmetics that do not produce active oxygen, which are known to cause aging of the body’s tissues. The company is also developing a line of slimming lingerie for creating beautiful bodily proportions.

Internal Beauty

Internal beauty focuses on guiding the body towards a state of superior health by increasing the effectiveness with which its own systems function. Two examples of products that help to beautify the body from within are growth-ray emitting products and health foods, which offer health benefits ranging from anti-oxidation to constipation relief.

Spiritual Beauty

Spiritual beauty refers to the creation of beauty by achieving balance in the autonomic nervous system and maintaining the mental emotions in a relaxed state at all times. It is not the prospect of temporary relief but rather the continuing promise of the benefits of relaxation that Faith offers to women suffering stress caused by the disruptions imposed on the autonomic nervous system by our tension-filled society.


Healthy beauty as conceived by the Faith Group is achieved by putting into practice and acting on the three facets of beauty—external, internal, and spiritual.